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How the Credit Bureaus REALLY Get Paid

The paying clients of the credit reporting industry are not consumers, even though Credit monitoring and credit report purchases accumulate a good chunk of money, but the creditors who both furnish and use the information contained in the credit bureaus’ databases. For example, discovery in lawsuits has uncovered the fact that TransUnion had received over Read more »

Are Debt Collectors or Collection Agencies Harassing You? Take Action NOW!!!

If you have ever found yourself to be the target of a debt collector, you may feel helpless to stop the harassing calls, particularly if you legitimately owe the money. But you have, in fact, not only the power to stop the calls, but you might have legal grounds to sue the collection agency. You Read more »

3 Common Credit Myths You Might Hear

The media, newspapers, internet are full of information, but sadly, much of the information concerning credit is inaccurate. Let’s check out some common credit myths:     Credit Myth:  “If I get one credit bureau to remove an item from my credit report, all the other bureaus will remove it automatically.”  I really wish this Read more »

How Equifax was created

Equifax is the oldest and largest credit bureau in existence today. They were originally founded in 1898, 70 years before the creation of Trans Union.   Two brothers, Cator and Guy Woolford, created the company. Cator actually got the idea from his grocery business, where they collected customers’ names and evidence of credit worthiness.  He Read more »

How to choose a reputable and legal Credit Repair Organization

People with bad or poor credit often try to clean their credit when they want to buy a house, a car or just have difficulties in getting a major credit card. Some decide to do it themselves, some seek professional help. Most consumers don’t really care if the person or the organization, that claims can Read more »

FICO and Vantage Score History

Credit scoring started in the late 1950’s to support lending decisions in large department stores.  The concept was revolutionary and by the end of the 1970’s most of the nation’s largest commercial banks, finance companies, and credit card issuers used credit scoring.  It became widely accepted once Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fully endorsed the Read more »

Re-negotiate Your Current Interest

Some credit card issuers charge interest rates as high as 30% (APR) or higher. And most people don’t realize they can negotiate with credit card issuer for a lower rate, especially if they had any of their credit cards for a long time. To do this all needs to be done is to call credit Read more »

Disputed Public Records Are Really Never Verified

Did you know that public records are really not verified when you submit a credit dispute? Usually when an item is disputed through credit reporting agency they send your dispute to the creditor. The creditor then must verify or delete your disputed negative item if it is not verifiable or must correct it if they Read more »

5 Common Credit Myths

We get lots of information about credit through social media, newspapers, internet, TV and radio and believe it or not most information s not accurate. Let’s talk about some common credit issues and clarify some credit myths. Credit Myth # 1: Going over the credit limit is ok, since creditors authorized the purchase. Even though Read more »

Make America Great Again

Average credit score in America is around 687, with southern states reporting lower scores. Nearly one-third of consumers with credit reports (31.6%) have one or more collection trade lines on their credit reports. About 19.5% of credit reports,nearly one in five, contain one or more medical collection trades. When Donald Trump Says that HE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, does Read more »

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